Kids may have trouble sharing or getting along with their siblings, but when it comes down to it, there are few things more beautiful and pure than the hearts of children.
Just look at the sweet “love note” Jennifer Garner’s 5-year-old son Samuel left without prompting for the next reader of his library book. “Hello, You are loved. I believe in you,” Samuel wrote.
Well, if that isn’t enough to make your heart burst... And it seems proud Mama Garner feels the same way. As she added in her Instagram caption, “When the librarian finds a love note your son tucked into a picture book...♥️♥️♥️♥️” (It sure inspires some different emotions than this other “love note” from Samuel that Garner recently shared.) Samuel’s little act of kindness is bound to have a big impact—not only on the next lucky reader of the book, but also on the adults in his life who get the reminder that there is no bad time to spread a little joy. Next time you’re taking a trip to the library to return some books, consider working with your kids to write some sweet notes to the next reader. And, while you’re at it, include one for the reader of the novel you just finished. As in many other cases, this is an instance where we adults would benefit by taking a cue from the kids.