In an Instagram video, Wayne Brady shares that has an unconventional co-parenting situation—but it’s honestly so heartwarming. Because the more people who are willing to love on a child, the better.

In the video, Brady is holding a baby—but it’s not technically his baby. It’s a baby boy that his ex-wife Mandie Taketa adopted with her boyfriend Jason Fordham. But it’s also still kind of Brady’s baby too! He says he’s going to be co-parenting the lucky little boy.

Here, let him explain it (because it’s the cutest).

“Hey y’all, meet Sunny! I love this little man already,” he writes in the caption of the video. “They say it takes a village to raise a child and they’re right! The village of @mandietaketa, myself, and @jasonmichaelfordham raised @theofficialmailebrady.”

Brady and Taketa share an18-year-old daughter, named Maile.

“All children will know is love if that’s what you show them,” Brady writes. “I’m honored to be in his life as his ‘Duncle’ and I love Mandie and Jason for including me in their journey.”

In a recent photo, Brady shared an adorable #twinning moment with Sunny, who is also his godson.

“Duncle Wayne and Sunny,” he wrote. “Versace Boys 2021 aka The Diaper Dudes.”

How cute is that?! When he says it takes a village, he’s absolutely right. And how lucky little Sunny is to have such a loving village all around him.