The family safety hack that could save your child’s life. This is a must read, mamas. Plus, it’s all coming back to me now — the pop music queen who is now designing super stylish clothes for your kiddos! And, would you let someone else breastfeed your baby? Desperate times call for… well, you know. It’s all right here, in our weekly links.

1. My heart will go on… and on and on about CELINUNU. The new kiddo clothing brand is the culmination of two incredible forces: Celine Dion and Nununu. The line features bold clothing designed to encourage children to embrace their own individuality. Now that’s something we can get behind!

2. And while we’re talking about fashion, a major launch this week for our well dressed dads! We’re sure you know about fashion mamas, the first members-only group for moms in the fashion industry. Well, they’ve just created a group for fathers. Fathers in Fashion is a community for stylish, entrepreneurial dads. It just launched this month, and they’re still taking applications.

3. Any mother’s worst nightmare: stuck on a plane with a starving infant and absolutely no food. What would you do? A flight attendant on board offered to pump some of her own milk for the baby, but when the infant’s screams became too heart wrenching, both moms knew they had to act immediately. With permission from the baby’s mom, the flight attendant nursed the hungry baby. She’s the hero we all need.

4. Is there anywhere in the world better than New York City to kick off the holidays? The city is full of holiday spirit — and we have the deets on how you can score major discounts on an incredible holiday trip with your fam! Stay at any of the Hilton’s 40 properties in NYC this holiday season, and you’ll get a gift card for Macy’s, line-jumper tickets to ice skate at Bryant Park, discounts for shows and more. Such a memorable holiday experience for your family!

5. A simple parenting hack, but it could save your child’s life. A 10-year-old avoided being abducted while riding her bike when a man pulled up and said her brothers were hurt and he had been sent to get her. She asked for the code word. Knowing she wasn’t an easy target, the guy took off. A family code word is such a simple, but important safety precaution to talk about with your children. And PS: this great podcast episode by child therapist Natasha Daniels on the topic is a must, too.