Gal Gadot is sharing more about her pregnancy with her third daughter.

The “Wonder Woman” actress shares daughters Alma, 9, and Maya, 4, with husband Jaron Varsano. Back in March, the couple announced her pregnancy with a sweet photograph of the family cradling her baby bump.

Now Gadot is revealing how she and Varsano broke the big news to their daughters.

“We did a whole thing,” the actress said on a virtual appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “We got them cupcakes and we got [a] cupcake for each member of the family, including the dog,” she said. “And then, there was one cupcake left and I told them, ‘Do you know who this cupcake belongs to?'”

Gal Gadot on Explaining Pregnancy to Kids, Chopping Off Fingertip & Keeping Wonder Woman’s Helmet

After her daughters started guessing different family members, Gadot pointed down at her belly. That’s when Alma screamed “nooooooo” in frustration.

“But then she got used to the idea and now she’s super, super excited,” Gadot added.

We think a lot of moms will relate. Kids are unpredictable and don’t always react the way we expect, especially when it comes to finding out they’re going to get a new baby sibling. We’re happy that Alma’s come around to her newest little sister!

The “Wonder Woman” actress also shared that her younger daughter is “super curious about how the baby got in there” and “how she is gonna come out.”

“So we explained the PG way, you know, ‘Mommy and daddy had a big hug, papa planted a seed in mommy’s tummy,'” she explained. “So we’re doing this, the birds and bees, how we know it.”

For some parents, discussions about sex, pregnancy, and childbirth come easily. Others might struggle to find the best age-appropriate explanations.

It sounds like Gadot and her husband have things under control!