There's no denying that moms have it hard right now. In addition to all the things we normally do for our kids, this year, so many of us are also gearing up to take on the role of teacher as well as parent. It's adding another layer of stress to our already busy lives, and even celebrity mamas are feeling the struggle. Actress Jennifer Garner recently gave fans a glimpse into her chaotic life as a mom of three kids, and it's so relatable.

The Instagram video is actually a promo for Garner's organic food company Once Upon a Farm. Shot in her kitchen, the ad shows Garner's kids clamoring for snacks just off-camera. The actress tries to whip up something healthy from scratch before realizing it just takes too long. The shot restarts, and instead of trying to go the homemade route, she grabs some snack pouches from her own product line, saving the day and satisfying the kids before sitting down for a video conference of her own—all in under two minutes.

Though the cute video is a commercial, it's one that easily resonates with parents who have been in that same exact situation time and again with kids home pretty much around the clock over these last few months. The humorous hashtag on the post says it all: #theJuggleisReal.

Garner has revealed that all three of her kids, 14-year-old Violet, 11-year-old Seraphina, and 8-year-old Samuel will be learning remotely to start this school year, which means that frazzled feeling isn't going away anytime soon. She's hinted before at how difficult the pandemic has been, including in the hysterically funny months of 2020 meme that went viral this summer.

Garner's funny memes and videos are a reminder that all of us are just doing the best we can during these strange times, and that we don't have to be that Pinterest perfect mom all the time. Moms are wearing a lot of hats right now, trying to manage our kids' lives and our own, and it's definitely taking a toll.

Whatever little shortcuts we can take to make our lives a little easier, we absolutely should do so. We hope Garner keeps on bringing the comic relief as we face what's sure to be a rollercoaster of a school year for kids and parents everywhere.