Katy Perry teamed up with activist Jane Fonda to get people ‘Pumped to Vote’… but as a new mama, Perry understands that for a lot of us, ‘pump’ has a whole different meaning.

Perry posted funny a video of a celeb group workout session led by Fonda which is meant to encourage voting. In the video, her partner Orlando Bloom and other big names are pumping their muscles and Perry is seen pumping breast milk.

She captioned her video: “Okay so @orlandobloom and I have different views on what it means to get pumped these days but whoever said pumping isn’t a sport… I’d like to twist their nipples clockwise for one week straight ANYWAY I am going to exercise my right to vote!!!!”


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Perry is encouraging followers to register to vote (to learn more, visit exercisethatvote.org/katyperry) and simultaneously encouraging the acceptance of breastfeeding and pumping in a society where most mothers don’t have the privileges Perry has when it comes to getting time off to pump.

A survey done last year by Aeroflow found 61% of Americans “think it’s unacceptable to breastfeed or breast pump in a restaurant” and 25% “do not believe moms should be allowed to breastfeed or pump in the clear view of the public.” Almost a third (31%) “do not believe employers should be required to provide a lactation room, which contrasts sharply with the 90% of people who state that they believe women should be allowed to pump at work.”

By showing pumping on a public platform Perry is standing up for women who need to be able to pump at work (which you can’t do if your employer doesn’t provide resources, like a lactation room and reasonable breaks). And by getting people pumped to vote, she’s trying to create a better future for her baby and all mamas.