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Lala Kent and her fiancé Randall Emmett are on the road to parenthood. The reality star and the Gotti producer were over the moon as they announced the happy news of their growing family during a recent episode of their Give Them Lala... with Randall podcast.

"I'm like shaking right now because I can't believe it's a real-life thing," Kent said. "I am pregnant. I am so excited."

Kent, who just turned 30, opened up about how her life seems to be "changing very quickly" after finding out she's going to be a mom. "It's like, holy s--t, I'm turning 30. There's something living inside of me, growing, which is in itself, like, what is this alien thing happening?" she said. "I don't love change, even though it's all great things, it's like, well, wait a minute, I'm a kid still, a kid having a kid."

Here's everything you need to know about Lala Kent's first pregnancy:

Kent and Emmett were "working" on conceiving with the help of fertility apps

Days before the couple, who postponed their April 2019 wedding amid the coronavirus pandemic, announced their pregnancy, Emmett told Us Weekly that he and Kent were focused on making a baby. "We are working at that currently," he said. "We are on the Flo app. We are on the apps. Lala, whatever day it is, she comes in, she says, 'Give me a baby!' and then I hop right to it."

Kent found out she was pregnant while on vacation

Emmett explained that he and Kent had an agreement for her to not take a pregnancy test while they were out of town with the producer's two kids, Rylee and London, from a previous marriage. Emmett was afraid if the test came back negative, Kent would go into "a spiral depression," he recalled during the Sept. 2 episode of their podcast. Ultimately, Kent decided to take a test while Emmett was out and about with his oldest daughter, leaving her and his youngest, Rylee, to keep the happy news a secret until Emmett and London returned.

Kent said her husband-to-be responded to the pregnancy reveal by "sobbing" and said "he was beside himself hugging" her.

Kent already feels "very maternal and motherly"

Kent's embracing all the feelings that come with her pregnancy. "I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and the heartbeat, you guys, I just want to hear that for the rest of my life," she said during the podcast. "If I could just hear that heartbeat forever, I'm chilling. I told Randall, I'm like, 'Whenever you're having a hard day, you just remember the heartbeat, and you will have the best day ever.'"

They're already planning a gender reveal

While the pair's number one hope is that their baby is "healthy," Kent is rooting for a boy. "I always pictured myself having a boy first, and I feel like I have two girls already," Kent explained, referring to Emmett's daughters. "We need more male energy in the house. There are a lot of girls wanting to play with Lala's weave, her makeup. I need a boy. I need some trucks around."

Emmett and Kent haven't found out the gender yet, but when they do, they know how they will announce it. "We are going to know in a couple weeks," Emmett said. "And we've already planned how to do the gender reveal."

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