Polly Pocket is back! And all the ‘90s kids rejoice

Feeling nostalgic for grunge, the Discman, your Caboodle, and Jordan Catalano?

You’re in luck, ‘90s lovers—everyone’s favorite teeny-tiny toy, Polly Pocket, just announced a relaunch of the original mini compacts slated for this summer. Raise your itty-bitty plastic hands and rejoice! 🙌

According to Buzzfeed, over 10 million Polly Pocket compacts were sold throughout the years. (Us ‘90s girls knew toy genius when we saw it, mamas.)

The original Polly creator, British company Bluebird Toys, made 350 sets between 1989 and 1998 before toy giant Mattel purchased the company and gave the brand a massive makeover. But the original Polly compacts never lost their appeal—sets continue to sell even today for hundreds of dollars on eBay because can you ever have too many tiny plastic people in your life? (Let us answer that for you: no.)

Thank goodness the folks at Mattel have come to their senses; we think the return of the original Polly Pocket is just what the world needs right now. Now if they can only figure out how not to make it hurt so much when you step on one...

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