Newly 3-year-old Charlie is a girl who knows what she wants—and that included a specific vision for a Target-themed birthday party. Despite her well-meaning mom’s best attempts to steer Charlie toward a more common (and easier to assemble) party theme, Charlie was determined to celebrate her big day with plenty of red and bullseyes.

“So, the more time went on I was like, ‘You know what? It’s different… Let’s do it,'” mom Emily Mascio told the Facebook page Love What Matters.

While most of us have it as easy as hitting up Target for some party-prep, Mascio had to get a bit more creative: She made Target symbols for decorations, set up a cafe like those inside the store (complete with popcorn and hot dogs) and even made a Dollar Spot for attendees to pick their favors. (Her local Target helped out there by providing some free stickers and check-out bags for the kids to use.)

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Mascio said everything came together perfectly in her daughter’s eyes.

“She woke up from her nap when everything was decorated and she was just in awe,” Mascio said. “She yelled, ‘Yayyy! Target!'”

As relatable as little Charlie’s love for Target is, the reason for her obsession is really so sweet: As her mom explained in the Facebook post, Charlie was born at 28 weeks and was too fragile to spend much time outside for many months. During those days, Target was a haven for both mom and daughter.

“I was struggling with being cooped up inside,” Mascio said. “I would load her up and off to Target we’d go! I would go one to two times a week just to get out of the house. So maybe she just grew to love it from those early experiences together.”

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Now that Charlie is a healthy, thriving 3-year-old, the family has every reason to celebrate—and it’s clear a Target party was the perfect way to do it!