We all have that one adult who we remember as someone who made a huge impact on our lives as kids. For Adele, it was a favorite childhood teacher she had when she was 12—Miss McDonald.

During a UK special she filmed, “An Audience With Adele,” she sang her favorite hits and engaged with an audience full of some of the most famous people in Britain. During one moment, Emma Thompson asked Adele if she had a childhood mentor who supported and inspired her during the “trials and tribulations of life” when she was a kid.

“Yeah, I had a teacher at Chestnut Grove who taught me English,” Adele responded. “That was Miss McDonald.”

(Raise your hand if you still have a soft spot for your own English teacher—aren’t they just the best?)

Adele mentions that she hasn’t seen Miss McDonald since then, but that she made a lasting impression on the legendary singer nonetheless.

“She was so bloody cool,” she said. “So engaging. She really made us care and we knew that she cared about us.”

Thompson then drops the bomb that Adele was about to reunite with Miss McDonald right then and there—and the look on her face and the emotions that begin flowing are absolutely priceless.

“Is she here? Is Miss McDonald here?” Adele asks, incredulous.

Miss McDonald begins to make her way to the stage as the audience goes wild. Adele immediately begins sobbing (how could she not?!) and embraces her old teacher: “Hi! You look amazing darling!”

As the former teacher/student duo embrace, Miss McDonald says the words that every single person on earth cherishes hearing, no matter how globally renowned, beloved, and successful you may be:

“Oh my God, I’m so proud of you.”

(Not even going to lie, that’s the moment that totally broke me. I wasn’t just tear-eyed, I was full-on bawling and gasping for air, as you do.)

Adele says she “didn’t know” Miss McDonald would be there, to which her old teacher chuckles and says, “That’s OK, it was supposed to be a surprise!”

The funniest moment came when Adele shouted at her mother from the stage, “MUM! Can you believe it?” and nods toward her teacher.

The two chatted it up for a few minutes, with Miss McDonald introducing Adele to her two children and Adele making sure they exchanged phone numbers to stay in touch.

All in all, it was an overwhelmingly emotional moment that just proves how impactful good teachers really are to their students. During a week where we’re feeling extra grateful for all the important people in our lives, let’s give a special “thanks” to all the awesome teachers out there who are changing the world—one Adele at a time.