Last year little Lucas Warren became the first Gerber baby with Down syndrome and went viral, making headlines around the world.

This week his reign as the Geber baby ended, but his popularity seems to have made an impact because the 2019 contest broke records, according to Geber. The company says more than 544,000 babies entered via Instagram, and this week the winner was announced.

Kairi Yang is the new 2019 Gerber baby.

She lives with her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in a home in Hickory, North Carolina, and is the first baby of Hmong descent to be chosen as the Gerber baby.

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The Hmong are an ethnic group in China, Vietnam and Laos, and with her family in Hickory being so tight, she’s got plenty of people to practice her Hmong language skills with.

“Kairi will grow up knowing how to read and write in Hmong, so that she can speak with her grandparents,” her mother, Ying Vue, said on TODAY Tuesday. “Being surrounded by all her family has been a very positive influence on Kairi’s life, especially when it comes to preserving our culture and tradition,” says Vue.

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In a press release Vue explains: “When we first found out Kairi won, we were speechless and couldn’t believe it. We are beyond thrilled that our sweet Kairi is Gerber’s 2019 Spokesbaby. Kairi’s personality is larger than life, and she always maintains a spunky attitude. We hope Kairi’s one-of-a-kind, entertaining personality and vibrant facial expressions radiate positivity around the world, just like she does in our home every single day!”

Congratulations to baby Kairi!

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