Whether you're ready to go KonMari on your entire house, enter the workforce after a break to, ya know, raise your children or get those children pulling their own weight in the kitchen (ha!), we have you covered. It's the second week of 2019 and we are ready to make *clap* some *clap* changes! It's all right here in our Weekly Links."

"Baby Shark" hits the Top 40 list

Uber-viral kids song "Baby Shark" made its way to the Billboard Hot 100, charted at No. 32! Doo doo doo doo doo doo... Now baby shark and the whole fam can feast in celebration.

Plated makes a kids menu

Meal kit delivery service Plated has developed a menu with kids in mind. The dishes are still adventurous, but quick and require less cleanup, so you can spend more time enjoying each other's company. Plus, the meals come with tips on how to get your little ones involved in the kitchen!

You can rent the Snoo

Have you been dreaming of getting your hands on the SNOO (the smart bassinet that "hears" your baby cry and rocks them back to sleep) but like, don't have an extra $1,200 to shell out? You can now rent the SNOO for $4 dollars a day. Dream made a reality: you're welcome.

GPS tracking your kids

Have you heard of the Jiobit? It's a GPS tracker that you can clip on your child's clothing (kind of like a TILE for your kiddo), and see where they are right on your phone. Genius, really. It just won Babylist's 2019 Best Tech, and we'll admit it: we want one.

KonMari everything

You're not alone, the whole world is binging Marie Kondo's new show on Netflix after their kids go to sleep. In honor of the new show, we're loving this cheatsheet with 10 steps for decluttering over on Motherly.

What to avoid after a parenting gap

If getting back into the workforce is on your list of New Year's resolutions, Forbes has a great list of things you should avoid doing after taking a parenting gap.

Surprising facts about after birth

You hear about all the things that happen to your body when you give birth. But what about after? Yep, that part isn't for the weak of heart either. Here are 8 gross things that happen to your body after childbirth.