Though it doesn’t premiere for another month, the ‘You’ season 4 trailer has dropped via Netflix—and it’s a doozy. You probably keep asking yourself, “How long can Joe possibly keep this going?” and the answer is, well, a long time apparently.

But this season, which takes place in London has an interesting twist—it looks like Penn Badgley’s Joe has a stalker of his own. More than that, it appears Joe is actually the target of a killer.

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The hot-off-the-presses trailer reintroduces us to obsessive stalker and sometimes murderer Joe Goldberg. From New York to Los Angeles to across the pond in jolly old London, Joe is now posing as Professor Johnathan Moore, and for all intents and purposes, it looks like he’s trying to leave his criminal past behind him.

“I do miss having someone out there,” Joe says in his classic voiceover, as he spies a brunette woman from his apartment window. “Hello,” he says before cutting off his own thoughts. “No. No. I am not interested. Nope. Not interested. I don’t want to know. Why does the universe keep doing this to me?”

The trailer also shows him season 3’s Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) seemingly in a public market area, and from there we can see the facade of Joe’s new life slipping away no matter how hard he tries to keep his urges and habits under control.

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The twist happens when we see there’s another killer roaming the streets of London, dubbed the “eat the Rich Killer” who has taken up Joe as their next target.

Season four of the Netflix show is divided into two parts. Part one, which includes episodes one through five, hits the streamer Feb. 9; and part two, featuring episodes six through 10, will be released on March 9.