Imagine celebrating two of life’s biggest milestones —college graduation and giving birth—within the same day! That’s exactly what happened to Jada Sayles, a brand-new mama and Dillard College grad. Sayles went into labor on the same day as her graduation ceremony, so she knew she wouldn’t be able to make it.

“I thought I was gonna walk across the stage to get my degree, instead I got my baby,” Sayles writes on Twitter. “My sweet face decided to make his way on my big day (now his).”

Even more amazing is that the president of Dillard College, Dr. Walter Kimbrough, decided to help Sayles have her own special graduation moment. He and his wife visited the new mom at the hospital to confer her degree in person.

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The guest of honor may have been Sayles, but it’s her newborn baby boy who stole the show.

Jada Sayles

Can we get a slow clap going for this brand-new mama who not only wore her cap and gown and is up and moving after birthing her first child, but looks absolutely stunning while doing it?

Jada Sayles

“I even did the tassel part of commencement! This really was a very sweet moment. I’ll never forget it,” says Kimbrough. “To me, this is what HBCUs are all about!” Sayles received a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on pre-law.

Kimbrough, the outgoing college president, says he heard from Sayles early Saturday morning and learned she was being admitted to the hospital to give birth.

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“So we rolled up to the hospital so I could finish my tenure in the most special way,” he said. He also shared a video of the entire hospital commencement ceremony on Twitter—his wife recorded it while Sayles’ family stood in attendance.

Donning her gorgeously decorated cap and gown while holding her new baby in her arms, Sayles received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections.

Congrats to the new mama and good luck in all your future endeavors—in motherhood and in your career!