Is your baby daddy acting a little… weird… now that baby is home from the hospital? We’ve known about mom brain all along, but now it turns out — dads have an excuse, too! We’re learning how biology is rocking his new dad world. And Who Run The World? Ummm… world leaders who have babies while running their country, that’s who! Plus, some hard news: what Justice Kennedy’s retirement likely means for abortion rights. It’s all right here in our weekly links.

  1. For the first time in thirty years, a world leader has given birth while in office. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gave birth to a baby girl and is now taking six weeks to stay home with her daughter while the Deputy Prime Minister fills in.

2. Be still our hearts. This picture is making rounds on the internet this week: a brand new dad breastfeeding his hours-old daughter. Mom was unavailable due to complications with her c-section, so nurses hooked up a bottle with a tube of milk, and dada got that precious skin-to-skin going. “I did it for the moms!,” he said. Heart eyes.

3. We know what having a baby does to a mama’s brain — they don’t call it baby brain for nothing. But did you know a newborn can mess with dad’s head, as well? Dipping testosterone, rising oxytocin… it turns out there’s a whole biology to new fatherhood. And it’s all perfectly designed to make dad the most nurturing he can be for your new little one.

4. If you haven’t been under a rock this week, you’ve surely heard U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony kennedy has announced his intention to retire. This news is startling for those who might be concerned about a Trump SCOTUS pick, and especially for those concerned with reproductive rights. This NPR piece really digs into what Kennedy’s retirement likely means for abortion rights in America.

5. Though we’ve spent this week celebrating America’s independence, we cannot forget the hundreds and hundreds of migrant children in this country who are still living in cages and foster homes. They don’t know where there families are or when they will see them again — and there’s no clear answer in sight from our government. That’s why we want to share this incredible way you can help. Still We Rise is hosting an auction of lovely artisan goods on Instagram now through July 9, with all the proceeds going to support the ACLU, RAICES and the Texas Civil Liberties Union — all of which are working to help find and reunite these children with their parents.