Today’s millennial and Gen Z parents are all about the “gentle parenting” style, because it’s so wildly different than what most of us experienced when growing up (and what most of us wanted and needed). While there are many, many versions of what this can look like in different families, one dad may have found the ultimate gentle parenting technique: using “malicious intent.”

Have no fear, though, it’s as harmless as it is hilarious. Because what’s more fun than making our kids cringe?

In case you need a refresher, gentle parenting basically boils down to this: it’s a parenting style with the goal of raising confident, independent and happy children through empathy, respect and understanding, and setting healthy boundaries. Age-appropriate development is a big thing, too.

Which is great in this case, because this guy’s kids are old enough to cringe with embarrassment over their dad’s parenting style. The dad, who goes by “Ginger Jack” uses his “malicious intent” version of gentle parenting to get his kids to do their chores without giving him attitude.

How? Bring on the cringe.

“New rule. Whenever one of you starts giving me attitude, I’m going to start hitting on mom,” he says, as mom giggles in the background.

“Hey there. sugar. How you doing, baby girl? How do you feel about another child? I could rub your ankles real good,” he says while purring like one of Joe Exotic’s tigers.

Predictably, his kids are groaning and shrieking with disgust over their dad’s affections. It’s brilliant. And it works!

“Are we gonna adjust that attitude?” he asks them.


“Are we gonna clean without crying or fighting?” he asks.


“So, the next time I instruct you guys to do the dishes without fighting, you will do the dishes without fighting, or I will hit on mom in front of you, loudly,” he says.

“I could start kissing. I love kisses.”

“Dad, please we’re sorry!” his kids beg.

It’s next-level gentle parenting, and it’s successful! If you have kids old enough to be totally disgusted by being affectionate with your spouse or partner—whip out some “malicious” flirting and watch your house sparkle and gleam.