If you’re a mom looking for a village—or any semblance of support, really—an online mom group might sound like a convenient, wonderful idea. But as we all know, Facebook mom groups should basically come with a trigger warning. And this mom’s parody video is almost too on the nose.

Ceci Kane, a mom from Michigan, tells TODAY.com that when she was pregnant with her first child, she made the “rookie mistake” of joining one of those Facebook mom groups and expecting a positive, supportive atmosphere.

“I joined a Facebook group for moms and asked a question about epidurals,” Kane tells TODAY.com. “I was trying to figure out my birth plan and was just hoping to get more information.”

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Naturally, it was only moments before the onslaught of commentary began.

“People were like, ‘You could be left paralyzed,’ ‘You could have nerve damage,’ ‘There are 100 things that could go wrong,’” Kane recalls. “Everybody was jumping down my throat for even having mentioned medication. It was all this fearmongering.”

This experience led to one of the most accurate portrayals of online mom groups EVER. Enjoy.

In the video, Kane plays a mom who is excited to share the news that she has a happy, healthy newborn.

“I gave birth to my new son via C-section two days ago,” Kane, who is holding a doll, announces. “Just wanted to let everybody know that we’re happy and healthy.” 

She then takes on the persona of each commenter (the objects on the head are such a great touch) while also showing what it’s like being a “lurker” who just logs into these online mom groups for the drama.

“Well, technically that’s not giving birth. But he’s very cute.”

“LOL — right? When she said she gave birth and had a C-section in the same sentence?”

“I’m sorry, are we in high school now? Are we going to talk about her like she’s not here?”

“What does she expect? This is a public group.”

“Congrats. I gave birth to all five of my children in the comfort of my own home.”

“I don’t know why so many people are so quick to jump to C-sections when natural births are just so much more rewarding.”

“Childbirth is the natural thing a woman can do.”

“Yeah, and sometimes that happens via C-section.”

“It’s not childbirth unless you’re delivering vaginally.”

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And so on and so forth. We’ve all either experienced these types of comments directly, or witnessed them while lurking at 10 p.m. with a bowl of popcorn (I assume).

Oh and don’t worry, Kane tackles other hot-button issues in more parody videos, like breastfeeding vs. formula and daycare vs. being a SAHM:


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“Mom groups can be wonderful, supportive places, you just have to find the right one,” Kane tells TODAY.com. “Just never post your kid eating, sitting in a car seat or anything that has to do with sleep. If you do that, all hell is going to break loose.”