Jason Sudeikis is really having A Moment, isn’t he? If you’re a fan of Ted Lasso, then you’re probably already a member of the Jason Sudeikis Fan Club. Well, the SNL alum returned to his old stomping grounds on Saturday night and let’s just say he reminded everyone why he’s just the best.

In a sketch titled “Parent-Teacher Conference,” Sudeikis plays an elementary teacher who is talking to Mr. and Mrs. Wilkerson (played by Kyle Mooney and Ego Nwodim—Nwodim actually wrote the skit, so you have her to thank for it) about their son, Skylar.

Things quickly grow a little…flirty between Mom and Teacher as Mooney’s helpless husband character hilariously sits on the sidelines of it all.

“Skylar is a total sweetheart,” Sudeikis says during the conference, after noting that Mrs. Wilkerson has a very “infectious laugh” and giving her a tiny little knee tap. “In fact…I don’t think I’ve had to punish the little guy once.”

Punish? OK, wow,” Nwodim says, practically fanning herself. “You do not strike me as the punishing type.”

“Well, you don’t know me very well,” Sudeikis replies, still flirting. “Do you, Miss Thang?”

[It was at that point that I cackled so loudly I startled my entire family as they watched something that was not this in the living room.]

You can watch the sketch yourself (several times, in fact, as many people admit they’re doing on Twitter—myself included), but suffice to say Sudeikis so thoroughly seduces Nwodim’s Mrs. Wilkerson that he sweeps everything off his desk and effortlessly scoops her up and ravishes her. Right in front of Mooney’s poor, blustering, bumbling, stuttering Mr. Wilkerson.

The sketch, which is about as close to perfection as an SNL sketch can get, immediately went viral. One, because Sudeikis is at a much-deserved peak in his already successful career, and two, because, well, we’re all starved for sexy stuff on TV.

Sexy stuff that’s also really funny stuff? Just inject it directly into my veins, please! The internet agrees.

The way I see it, Hollywood really needs to step up its game and give the people what they want: more sexy stuff. We have enough gritty, depressing stuff and enough superhero stuff to last us all 500 lifetimes. Bridgerton didn’t find its way into nearly 100 million homes because we’re not into it, ya dig?

Jason Sudeikis As A Lead In A Romance Challenge—who wants to accept it?