We know moms make the magic on Christmas (and every other day of the year) and that we don't get the support or credit we deserve, even on Christmas Day.

That's the message embedded in a hilarious SNL sketch starring real-life mom Kristen Wiig. If you're a mom (or love one), you need to watch this:


"I got a Nerf gun," sings the son.

"I got a hat," sings the daughter.

"I got an autographed baseball bat," says the dad.

While the rest of the family shows off multiple gifts (basically a cool Christmas haul), Wiig's tried mom tried to sound like she loves her lonely robe, her one (kinda lame) gift.

"Thanks for the robe, it's really, really nice," she says. "I love this robe, guys. This is great."

Because moms carry the mental load of holiday prep and are also often the designated photographer and memory maker, moms don't always get gifts or even see themselves reflected in the family albums. It's time to change that. Don't let a robe be the only gift for mom this week.