Mamas, we know announcing to your loved ones that you’re pregnant can be a big deal. The reasons why a mama-to-be would want to keep her pregnancy secret initially vary, but many share the feeling of relief that comes once the cat’s out of the bag.

Just ask rapper Cardi B, who, after months of speculation, finally confirmed she’s pregnant during a recent episode of Saturday Night Live.

During her second performance of the night, the 25-year-old artist wore a form-fitting white bodycon dress that showed off her growing belly to millions of viewers. Cardi B’s baby bump reveal left no doubt in anyone’s mind that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper is expecting her first child with fiancé Offset, member of the hip-hop trio Migos.

But the greatest part of Cardi B’s reveal isn’t the fact that she nonchalantly showed off her bump while performing her new single, “Be Careful,” from her first studio album, "Invasion of Privacy." Instead, it was her reaction afterward that really made the moment special.

Rumors of Cardi B’s pregnancy began circulating back in February, but the New York rapper denied everyone (which is totally fair, no one should be forced to talk about their pregnancy until they are ready).

She kept her pregnancy under wraps over the last few months by wearing figure-hiding outfits (during her first performance on Saturday Night Live, Cardi B wore a voluminous feathered ensemble.) But now the secret is out, and she couldn’t be happier.

After her performance and pregnancy reveal, Cardi B walked backstage and was greeted by wild applause, according to E! News. And in the middle of the crowd, the mom-to-be jumped up and down, shouting, “I’m finally free!”

Hours later, Cardi B took to Twitter with a message for her fans: “I started winning when the whole world was doubting on me! [T]hink imma lose with my little baby counting on me?”

Whether you’re a celebrity or not, plenty of moms have reasons for keeping a pregnancy to themselves at first. And it can feel very freeing when you finally get to break the news. So mamas-to-be, when you’re ready, let yourself breathe.