You know how there are some celebrities you just know would be amazing to meet in real life? Well, if Sandra Bullock and Kelly Clarkson aren’t at the top of your list already, they soon will be.

These two brilliantly talented moms were chatting it up during a segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week when the purest and most hilarious talk show moment in history occurred. Even though they don’t know each other well in real life, you’d think they were lifelong besties.

The giggles began when Bullock said she was living in Clarkson’s home state of Texas when she won the first season of American Idol way back in 2002. Clarkson asked who she voted for, naturally.

“Look, the good thing is that you won,” Bullock replied with a laugh. “Does it matter who I voted for?”

The interview just went off the rails from there—but in the BEST way. The clip of their interview segment quickly went viral on Twitter.

Clarkson asked about Bullock’s parents, who were both opera singers. Clarkson accidentally referred to Bullock’s mom and dad in the present tense, but they both passed away years ago. And yet, these two found a way to make that in itself utterly hilarious.

“My parents were singers — both dead,” Bullock said.

“But they were singers, though. Okay, that’s cool.” Clarkson replied. 

“That they’re dead?!” At this point, Bullock is laughing so hard she’s wheezing.

“No! That they’re singers! That’s so sad that they’re dead! I’m sweating!” And then Clarkson and Bullock both collapsed into a heap of giggles.

The hijinks continued throughout their entire segment, which was supposed to be dedicated to Bullock’s latest film projects and family questions. But that, uh, just didn’t happen.

At one point, Clarkson told Bullock that she felt like she was sitting with her own real-life best friends as they both wiped tears from their eyes and gasped for air.

You know what? We all did. It’s impossible to watch that clip and not immediately want to put on your favorite pair of sweats, pour a glass of wine, and have one of those nights where you laugh uproariously over absolutely nothing with your bestie.

Mom friends are just the best, aren’t they?