A maternity fashion company that says so long to Photoshop and shows you what you’ll really look like in their threads. Hint: amazing. Plus, how to explain immigration and family separation to your little ones who undoubtedly have so. many. questions. And, tackling the resentment for your partner that so often accompanies life as a new parent. It’s all part of our Weekly Links, right here.

1. As if we weren’t crushing on everything Storq sells anyway, ALL the heart eyes for their newest photo campaign, featuring real life pregnant and postpartum mamas with nursing babies, natural light and ZERO retouching. This is what motherhood really looks like, and we love it.

2. As you’re reading this, thousands of immigrant children remain separated from their parents. The situation is heartbreaking, and can be so difficult to explain to your children. Little Feminist has put together a great roundup of five children’s books that help explain immigration and family separation to the youngest of readers. Now through June 30, 100 percent of your book purchases go to fund organizations helping these immigrant families.

3. Something we can all agree on right now, is that the world could use a little more empathy. That’s why we’re loving this piece on how to teach your children empathy. It’s full of great information for how to think about approaching these teaching moments, and little exercises you can add into your daily routine.

4. The end of an era. Toys R Us is officially closing their doors forever TODAY. And it has a lot of us mamas wondering… what’s going to go in those giant, empty stores?

5. Ugh. You know that feeling, when you have to ask your partner to do something you think they probably should have done anyway? The resentment that starts to build up when you’re tasked with bedtime duties again tonight? We know, we know, it involves a lot more nuance and tiny irritants than we have time to mention here: that’s why we’re recommending this insightful response to the sitch on Ask Polly. Peep it, then let us know what you think.