It seems many flights these days are making headlines, but here’s one that’s got a happy ending! One mom gave birth after going into labor mid-flight.

Shakeria Martin said she was napping on the plane ride from Denver to Orlando when she suddenly woke up with intense contractions—her baby wasn’t due so soon.

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“I was feeling fine and everything and so I went to sleep and I woke up and my contractions were, yeah…,” Martin told TODAY. “The first thought that ran through my mind was this cannot be happening right now. This cannot be, there’s no way I could just have this baby on this plane.”

Well, this mom gave birth on the plane alright.

The flight attendants were unable to find anyone on the flight who had training in childbirth, so they gathered the medical supplies necessary and brought Martin to the back of the plane themselves. The pilot arranged for an emergency landing at Pensacola International Airport.

One of the flight attendants, Diana Giraldo, helped during the delivery and was praised by the airline as being “exemplary” and “calm” on Frontier’s Facebook page.

“I’m an older sister,” Giraldo told TODAY. “And so, to me I saw this young woman she was frightened. She was uncomfortable. And when she told me she was scared there was no comfort. There was no space inside of me for any doubt. I just had to make sure that I was there for her.”

Martin’s baby girl was safely delivered, which is the most important thing. And she gave her daughter the perfect middle name—”Sky.”

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The captain of the plane, Chris Nye, complimented Giraldo’s efforts and explained how he was able to keep things under control while the mom gave birth to CBS News.

“I transferred controls and flying duties to my First Officer as I coordinated the diversion,” he said. “Dispatch did a great job as well by suggesting Pensacola Airport and getting a gate and paramedics ready for us. This was a job well done, and I was happy to see everyone working together to successfully deliver a newborn on an aircraft!”

We love an exciting birth story—especially one where everyone works together to deliver a healthy baby as safely and efficiently as possible. Bravo to everyone involved, but especially to the new mama.