A beach adventure with the kiddos can sometimes be a little stressful. There’s hot sand burning your feet then there’s wet sand getting in all kinds of places, and not to mention the amount of times you have to keep track of reapplying sunblock (why can’t once be enough!).

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But, of course, if there’s one place to look for beach hacks that will make your summer that much easier, that place is TikTok. Mama of four, Shannon Doherty, @athomewithshannon on TikTok, posted a short video with some amazing beach hacks that you won’t want to miss.


My BEST BEACH HACKS from a Mom of 4 🏖 I love sharing all my Tips & Tricks with you!!! #momhacks #beachhacks #momhack #travelhacks

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“I’m a mom of four and I love sharing my tips and tricks with you. Laundry baskets are a must,” she says.

Doherty’s first hack is to come to the beach prepared with little laundry baskets that you can toss all of your towels or kiddos’ toys in. Give it a shake at the end and watch all of the sand that would normally follow you home, mix right back in on the sandy ground.

“Create a sand free area with beach bags and a little bucket to wash your feet.”

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This next one is a real game-changer for keeping the sand out of all the unwanted areas. In the video, you’ll see Doherty laying out a fitted sheet and keeping it in place with your beach bags. She then sets a bucket on one corner (just outside of the sheet) so kiddos can rinse the sand off before coming on the sheet.

It’s a simple yet truly ingenious way of creating a small clean space!

But, she’s not done with the beach hacks just yet.

“Baby powder takes off all the sticky sand.”

If ever there was a TikTok hack that you really needed in your life, then it’s this one. Getting sand in the car is the absolute worst and finding time to vacuum it all out just isn’t doable either. The trick is in the baby powder you might already have at home. Just dash it on their feet like Doherty does in the video and watch it all come off. Magical!

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And, if you’re as forgetful as I am then you probably also need a gentle reminder to reapply sunblock on yourself and your little ones. Well, Doherty’s TikTok hacks have got you covered there too because she suggests setting a timer to help you remember. Whether you set it on your phone or bring along a fun manual timer is up to you.

Doherty also suggests placing your phone in a cup to help bring the acoustics of your playlist to life with an instant speaker hack.

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Oh, and, if you’re wondering what to do when your sandals get too hot to wear or when you forget extra beach chairs, well, she’s got you covered there too.

This combination of mom beach hacks and TikTok hacks are making life so much easier!

Plus, if you’re looking for more TikTok hacks or even just general tips and tricks to make your day a little smoother then check out some of her other videos. Like this one that shows an easier (much cleaner) way of enjoying corn with your kiddos.


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