Snacks? Check! Pouches? Check! Books, stuffies, sticker books, tablet? Check, check, check and check! 

Any parent who has taken a road trip with littles knows that your car ends up packed end to end with anything—and everything—that will keep your kids tantrum- and whine-free for the drive. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll have just enough leg room to stash your own suitcase or duffel. 

Myriam Sandler, who you can find at @mothercould on TikTok, recently posted her road trip hack that is sure to make your next trip a breeze. In the video, Sandler shows how she uses a regular ziplock bag as a tablet holder to keep your child entertained while in the car.  

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She simply puts the tablet in the clear bag, takes off the headrests from the front seat, and affixes the plastic bag so that it dangles in front of her child in the backseat. No tablet holder? No problem!

This video has received hundreds of thousands of views, and for good measure. 208 million adults are planning to take a vacation this summer with 80% of them planning a road trip, according to one recent survey. This translates to countless parents trying to find that secret sauce to a magical and tear-free road trip.

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With Sandler’s hack, your child can watch their videos without you having to enable (or disable) the guided access feature. They won’t rack up charges by inadvertently buying in-app purchases and you won’t have to fret that they’re watching something they shouldn’t. 

Sounds like a win, win scenario to us.