Every once in a while a video goes viral and it’s the type of feel-good video that just hits you in the heart.

Toddlers can pull off basically anything and look freaking adorable but this video of a toddler wearing glasses for the first time is beyond anything. The video shows Logan, the toddler, being amazed at how he can see with his new glasses. It WILL melt your heart.

In the video, his mom puts the glasses on him. Just like any other toddler he gives her a hard time but once they’re on and he realizes he can see—his whole face lights up and it is precious to see.

You can hear his mom saying, “Oh you can see better now!” And Logan’s smile, as he looks at his mom and really sees her is just something else.

The video, which was posted by an optometrist’s office out of New Jersey, is captioned: “Logan’s first pair of glasses! We can happily say he can see his mama clearly with his new glasses. We strive to help people of all ages see better”

If you’re wondering, like we are, how it is that optometrists can find a baby’s RX number we did some digging. The AAPOS (American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus) explains that eye doctors can determine a child’s need for glasses through an eye exam.

“This exam usually involves eye drops to dilate the pupils and relax the focusing muscles in order to get the best measurements of the eyes. A special instrument called a retinoscope helps the ophthalmologist find the correct glasses prescription.”

If you have a child who needs help adjusting to their glasses, the AAPOS also has tips on their site to make the process easier.

Logan’s video has racked up more than million views. People’s comments show just how much they love this wholesome video of a toddler wearing glasses.

“That’s the greatest thing that I have seen on this whole Internet today”

“How precious is this .. sight .. the expression is awesome”

“Oh sweet boy :cries in mom:”

“I’ve always wondered how they find the right prescription when the babies can’t communicate. It’s amazing!”