It’s another day on planet Earth and the masses are flocking to Trader Joe’s for another fan favorite that’s back in stock. Jingle Jangle just hit the shelves but it won’t be there for long.

If you’ve seen videos of people grabbing tins of Jingle Jangle then, you know you need to get yours ASAP. That’s because people are adding multiple tins to their cart so, there’s no guarantee how long it’ll be in stock.

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Jingle Jangle is a Trader Joe’s seasonal sweet tin. It’s one of the signs that the holiday season has started at the retail store. The chocolate-covered sweet treats are super popular and for good reason, they’re delicious.

The whimsical name itself is enough to draw a crowd. The TJ’s site says, “It could be a reference to ‘70’s-era Rankin-Bass cartoon characters, or lyrics to a cowboy ditty referencing spurs.” Any Riverdale fans out there will recognize the name as something a little more sinister but the end result as an addicting snack is basically the same.

Who doesn’t love a chocolate-covered treat? Use them on your charcuterie boards or package them in cellophane and create edible stocking stuffers. You can even place your mischievous elf in a tin because we all know those elves love to snack. They make great hostess gifts for any TJ’s lover in your life. Or, you can always repurpose the tin as a sewing box.

Much like the brand’s seasonal candle trio, they can’t keep enough Jingle Jangle stocked. Tiktokers report going to multiple stores or visiting their local store multiple times a week just to get their hands on a tin.

“I bugged our Trader Joe’s employees since Halloween asking when the jingle jangle would be in”

“We made a nearly 2.5 hour round trip to Trader Joe’s to stock up on holiday snacks yesterday.”


The Jingle Jangle hype is out of this world. Some comments even mentioned their local TJ’s sold out by Thanksgiving! If you haven’t tried them yet, this could be your sign to head over to your store before they sell out.