Oh hey there. You’re a sentient being (presumably), right? Then there’s a high probability that you love Target. If you’re a mom, well, then, say no more. This Twitter roundup has your name all over it.

Is there a faster jolt of serotonin than when those automatic doors whoosh open and you’re hit in the face with the smell of your favorite local Target? For some of us it’s the popcorn. For others, it’s the Starbucks. Then we grab our red cart, get sucked into the dollar section, and begin our Target journey.

Sure, we could lie to ourselves and say we “just need one thing.” We all know that’s far from the truth. We have to look at everything first. And I mean everything—the handbags, the swimsuits, the sandals, the adorable and affordable kids’ clothes, the cleaning supplies, the books, the sheets, the shower curtains, and—for those of us who aren’t able to peruse solo—the toys.

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The best part about loving Target is that it’s a universal experience, especially for moms. Everyone just gets it. So this roundup’s for you, Target-loving mamas. May your cart be as smooth as the iced caramel macchiato you’re sipping as you browse.

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