Us mamas drown in the details—we think we have to make perfect traditions for our families, have presentable houses at all times, read enough with our kids, chat enough, get on the floor and play enough. Thanks to a viral TikTok, one toddler reminded the mamas everywhere, that it’s actually just about one thing: showing up.

A Massachusetts toddler has gone viral after the internet became obsessed with a viral TikTok in which she searches for her parents at her recital, and finally spots them. Her face lights up, she starts waving, clapping for them and even sheds a few grateful tears.


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Mom Chelsea Krow wrote “Pure joy when she finds her family in the crowd.” Little Emmy and her family have since experienced quite a widespread and excited reaction from fans, and have engaged in media opportunities talking more about the feel-good moment every parent hopes for. 

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Krow shared with Good Morning America that the special reaction happened at the Unity Dance Spectrum holiday recital in their hometown Chicopee, saying, “She was so excited (and a little nervous)! She had so much fun and we were so proud.” Since then, numerous other people have reposted parts of the video, commenting on the main takeaway —showing up.

Tik Tok user esbeday, reposts the video with her comments, “I get so happy when I see these videos, because y’all don’t understand how important it is to show up.” She goes on to tell a story about her own experience in 4th grade, in which she remembers her working mom having to miss her concerts, which she was petrified about. She reminds parents if they are in a position to show up, that they should be there.

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Another Tik Tokker reposted, writing “That’s love,” and was met with comments like “Absolutely precious. Great job mom and dad.” and “If all parents really understood how important it is to show up.”

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If you have to work, and you miss a kid’s event here and there, you aren’t a bad parent. And, if you have to delegate attending an event to a friend, neighbor, grandparent or another relative, the effect is the same—just having someone show up matters. Research shows that one of the most protective factors that predicts a child’s success is having just one stable relationship between the child and adult caregiver, Harvard reports. This means single parents, take heart — you are enough, and are doing enough. 

In a season of frazzled overdoing it and stressing, we can rest reassured that just consistent parenting, where kids look for us and find us, is more than enough. Thanks for the reminder, little Emmy!