We might be in 2023 but apparently some men are still stuck living in the olden times where they think it’s acceptable to treat women disrespectfully in the workplace.

A woman named Whitney, who goes by @whitneyrose617 on TikTok, recently posted a video about her experience with a potential vendor whose male sales representative was anything but professional.


It’s rough being a woman in a male dominated field 😬

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The viral video begins at the moment when Whitney calls out the sales rep.

“First of all,” she says, “If we’re going to continue working together I want to work with a woman sales representative because I don’t want to have to see locker room talk about myself when you’re sharing screens.”

Although she doesn’t share what she actually saw or read about herself, the fact that she only caught this because the sales rep shared the wrong screen during a meeting…my eyes cannot roll far enough. Sir, if this is your job and assumedly you’re on calls like this a lot as a sales rep, then you should be a pro at sharing your screen, right? The right screen! Obviously, it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Women already have to fight for so many basic things in the workplace like standing up for breastfeeding rights but to also have to endure idiotic male colleagues is just asking for too much.

“So, if we’re going to move forward I would like to work with a account rep that’s maybe a woman in the area so that we can move forward that way. I know that was a mistake but I just don’t want to see locker room talk about myself,” she continues.

As she says this you can hear the male sales rep try to talk over her as he says, “That’s a inexcusable mistake.” Even as she’s completing her sentence he continues to talk instead of letting her say her piece so the rest of whatever he tried to interject is drowned out. But, interestingly enough, it doesn’t sound like he says anything close to, “I’m sorry” or “it shouldn’t have happened,”, no, it’s more just that he got caught for his “mistake.”

It’s important to note that the whole time she’s speaking, she’s smiling and her whole demeanor is a lot nicer than what this guy probably deserves.

Then, the male sales rep says, “We have a couple of really good RSMs actually that you’ll be able to work with…that’s inexcusable…apologies on that.”

It’s unfortunate that she had to experience this at all but she handled herself so well. The viral video has over a million likes. Plus, not only did the queen of real estate, Barbara Corcoran, comment, “You rock! 👏🏼” but there’s also thousands of other women commiserating with her and cheering her on.

“Yeeees! You handled this so well! I’m sending to my daughters! 🥰 You are AMAZING!”

“The way he apologizes for accidentally sharing it but not for talking about you that way 😳🙄”

“i’m so sorry, this is so unacceptable & unfortunately i think this happens so much behind closed doors when it comes to male dominated industries.”

“Amazing!!! As a woman in sales, I really related to this!”

“This was so inspiring to watch. YOU are inspiring. Thank you!”

“as a woman who’s just starting her career thank you for this 👏🏼”

“‘that’s inexcusable” and “apologies on that” do NOT EQUAL “I’m sorry, and I take full responsibility for my behavior. It won’t happen again.'”

Whitney posted a follow-up video where she shared the apology email she received from the company’s VP of sales. But, if you thought this apology would be any better then sadly you’d be wrong.


How not to apologize in corporate America 101 #hrnightmare

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