Two men— President Trump and Joe Biden —were the focal point of this historic election , but women made history in this election, too.

Two years ago we saw a record number of women elected in congressional and gubernatorial contests. This year, the wave of women continued as 318 women sought seats in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

These moms are among the women making history in the 2020 election:

Mom, nurse + activist Cori Bush set to make history in Missouri

Tonight mom, pastor, nurse and Black Lives Matter activist Cori Bush may make history in Missouri.

Projected to be elected to the House of Representatives for Missouri’s first district, Bush will be the first Black woman to represent her state in Congress. Bush got into politics after activism. Her involvement in the former was prompted by the police killing of Michael Brown in her state in 2014.

Bush ran for the Senate in 2016. Bush also ran unsuccessfully for the House in 2018. Her earlier run was documented in the Netflix film Knock Down The House.

In August 2020 she made history in her primary, beating out fellow Democrat William Lacy Clay, who had held the seat for decades and was the second member of his family to do that.

Mom + grandmother Mary Miller wins Illinois’ 15th District

Mary Miller has 7 children and 17 grandchildren. She’s married to Illinois state Rep. Chris Miller. And now she has been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, representing Illinois’ 15th District.

Miller is a defender of the second amendment and President Donald Trump, who endorsed her.

Miller’s win was not unexpected. She was considered by many a sure thing in a race without an incumbent, in which she faced off against Erika Weaver.

What makes Miller’s win historic is what she represents: She’s only the second woman to ever represent her district and one of a record number of Republican women who ran for the House this election.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, mom and QAnon supporter, wins her House race

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a mom, a Republican and a vocal supporter of debunked QAnon conspiracy theories.

As Buzzfeed reports, President Trump has called Greene a “future Republican star” and Greene has posted and shared several debunked conspiracy theories, including using hashtags and phrases associated with disinformation regarding child trafficking.

Greene has stated that QAnon theories are not part of her official platform, but has posed videos in support of the false theories as far back as 2017. According to USA Today , when Greene was asked during the campaign whether she supports QAnon she stated she is “committed to my allegiance to the United States of America. I, like many Americans, am disgusted with the Deep State who have launched an effort to get rid of President Trump.”

The 46-year-old mom now represents Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

New Mexico mom Teresa Leger Fernandez is the first woman to hold her seat!

In New Mexico, mom of three Teresa Leger Fernandez was among the all women House delegation from her state likely elected tonight.

She now represents New Mexico’s third district, the first woman to ever hold the seat.

A Democrat, Leger Fernandez is an attorney who supports moving to a single-payer health care system and renewable energy.

In her victory speech she stated: “I’m running on a campaign of protecting what we love and I want to be able to protect what we love, which includes our healthcare, our environment, our future and that’s what propelled me was this desire to take this experience to be able to go to the national level to be able to protect what we love and help it thrive.”

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