I can tell you the last time I remember sleeping really, really well. I was 18, on vacation with my family. I would fall asleep between 11 and 12 p.m. every night and sleep a solid ten hours before waking up to go to the beach with my sister and parents.

That was 15 years ago.

Even before I had kids, I don't think I could ever say I was a great sleeper. At least, I never felt super rested in the morning. Of course, pre-parent tired pales in comparison to parent tired, and I think it's safe to say that I haven't slept soundly through the night in about six years.

A few years ago, a study was released that shows that parents have disrupted sleep for about six years after their baby is born (and all that sleep deprivation has serious consequences). My youngest is two, so that means I'm likely in for four more years of less-than-ideal sleep. Add to that my heightened anxiety courtesy of the pandemic, and you have a pretty perfect storm of sleep deprivation.

I had heard that CBD oil could be helpful in alleviating a host of anxiety-related issues, including lack of restful sleep, but for whatever reason I had never gotten around to trying it. Maybe I told myself that my issues weren't bad enough to treat in any way.

If I could go back to change anything, it would be taking the time to care for myself more seriously.

Because, honestly, discovering Press Pause CBD oil and Sleep Tincture has completely changed the way I sleep. Even after only a handful of uses, I started to notice that I was waking feeling more refreshed. I couldn't remember waking in the night a half dozen times the way I typically did (even when there wasn't a crying baby waking me up anymore). I felt restored and ready to tackle the day—not like I was just trying to make it until the next moment that I could lie down again.

Press Pause

It only took 3-4 drops under my tongue each evening, and after a week my sleep monitoring app told me I was getting nearly double the amount of deep sleep I usually got every night. Could it really be this simple to get better shut-eye?

The Pause Tincture also started to have incredibly calming effects on my anxiety. When I started taking a few drops regularly, I noticed that even when the day got hectic or motherhood started to feel overwhelming, I didn't feel that same wave of emotional welling up in my body. I might still feel stressed, but it became easier to keep my cool and respond positively than it had ever been.

Now, I'm officially a Press Pause convert. I consider their tinctures part of my daily wellness routine, taking a regular dose to prevent overwhelming anxiety and to maintain a healthier sleep pattern.

I might still have four more years of interrupted sleep ahead of me, but Press Pause Project is certainly making it easier to rest easy now.

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