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Toddlerhood: A balancing act between wanting independence and needing help. This can result in some big messes. But, remember, you likely have a very eager helper who is willing to pitch in when they have the right guidance. So, as counterintuitive as it may be, that makes this the ideal stage to enlist your child’s help in keeping their room organized. 

By giving your toddler a sense of ownership and pride in their room, they will feel more motivated to keep everything in order. And, who knows? Before long, they may even clean up toys from the living room floor all on their own. (Hey, anything is possible!)

Especially as you transition your toddler’s room from a nursery to a “big kid room,” you have the opportunity to work together to create a usable, tidy space they can call their own. When it comes to merging functionality and design, no brand does it better than Crate & Kids. With storage solutions that are design-forward, adding a few of these upgrades as you swap out nursery furniture will help you—and your toddler—love spending time in the space. 

If the current aesthetic of your toddler’s room is “cluttered chaos,” here’s how you can enlist their help to turn the space into an organized oasis…

1. Make spaces intuitive

A key step to inspiring your toddler to keep everything in its place is helping them know (and remember) where that place is. For example, if you want to keep books to a certain corner of the room, make sure it’s a deserving reading space complete with an accessible, wall-mounted bookshelf and a comfy chair.

Crate&kids Large Nod Chair

Large Nod Chair

This cozy chair will be your toddler’s favorite seat in the house, it even has a storage pocket on the backside for books—which makes it all the better to place in their designated reading area! Encourage them to enjoy flipping through the pages of a favorite picture book while lounging on their very own Nod Chair. (Personalize it for added sweetness!)

2. Store in style & convenience

The less guesswork your toddler has to do when it comes to organizing, the more likely they are to follow through. Use open storage containers—such as bins, baskets and shelves—so that your toddler will be able to easily identify where things go. Then, your job is to avoid overcomplicating your toddler’s work: Allow all stuffed animals to go in one place, toys in another and books in another.

walnut and white mid century bookcase

Walnut & White Mid-Century Bookcase

Low to the ground and thoroughly stylish, this bookcase is actually the perfect home for stuffed animals, blocks, balls and more. The four spacious compartments will allow your toddler to make quick work of clean-up.

3. Put organization on the schedule

Whether at the end of playtime or before bed, stay consistent about your expectations for clean-up time. Toddlers thrive (or, at least, are less agitated) when they know what to expect. If reminders from you are continually met with resistance, try creating an “end of the day” (or playtime) visual chart to show what organizing tasks should be completed before climbing into bed. Keep it simple to start—like putting away books, toys and clothes.

Dottie Natural Macrame Bins & Hamper

Dottie Natural Macrame Bins & Hamper

Conceal your kiddo’s dirty clothes in a stylish hamper that’s just as easy for them to use as it is for you to carry to the laundry room. By keeping the storage hamper accessible and visible in your toddler’s room, they will be less likely to drag their feet while cleaning up. The new Dottie line also includes bins and baskets in other sizes, so you can give your toddler’s room a cohesive look while storing in style.

4. Let them have some free-reign

A toddler with control and an organized room? If those two things sound mutually exclusive, hear this out: By allowing them to make some of the rules, they will feel more comfortable and enthusiastic about organizing going forward. One idea is to give them a special hideaway spot where they can keep any books, stuffed animals or toys they want. Remind them that if it gets too crowded, they should put things away. Either way, the tents means any clutter is out of sight for you.

Indoor/Outdoor Adventure Playhouse

Indoor/Outdoor Adventure Playhouse

Fit for indoor or outdoor use, this playhouse will bring the fun wherever it goes. Create a special space for your little one to have some solo playtime with this tent that’s easy to assemble—and also easy to store away while not in use.

5. Look to the walls

If you’re tired of tripping over toys while crossing your toddler’s room (especially in the middle of the night!) then it’s time to better utilize the wall space. By using open shelving that keeps your toddler’s favorite belongings in plain sight, they can feel inspired to arrange everything just so—while you get a clear pathway.

Mallory Wall Shelves

Mallory Wall Shelves

Available in small and large sizes that can even be placed together for a storage system, the Mallory Wall Shelves create a lot of usable space for books, photos, toys and more. With a hefty weight limit for its size, these shelves are as practical as they are beautiful. (Which is really saying something!)

6. Inspire independence

The bedroom isn’t just for toys! To involve your toddler in picking out and putting away their clothes, opt for a low-to-the-ground dresser with kid-friendly handles. After all, your little one won’t be able to put things away in places they can’t reach. When it comes to staying organized, these little wins can snowball into big victories as your toddler continues to grow.

Parke 6-Drawer Dresser

Parke 6-Drawer Dresser

Standing just 34 inches high, this small-but-mighty dresser is just the right size for your toddler to pick their clothes and put away laundry. The top also makes a wonderful surface for showing off some of their framed artwork, favorite pictures or little treasures.

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