It’s one of the great paradoxes of parenting: You go to clean up one part of the house, only to discover the kids made an even bigger mess while your back was turned. From sippy cups that aren’t quite spill-proof to those instances of “I want to do it myself” that result in pancake batter dumped on the floor, kids and messes just go hand in hand. 

As a parent, this can feel like a never-ending game of cleaning catch-up—until you get a superpowered helper on your team. That’s why every mom looking for a cleaning hack needs to check out the Roborock Dyad, the all-in-one cleaning tool that vacuums, washes and dries floors. 

After all, let’s face it, kids’ messes are next level. We’re talking full bowls of cereal tipped onto the floor. Entire meals tossed from the high chair. The dog’s food and water bowls dumped over. More often than not, you need to clean up a mess that has layers, textures and a generous combination of wet and dry ingredients. 

Simply put, the vacuum you’ve had since college isn’t going to cut it. To efficiently and effectively clean up, it helps to have a vacuum that’s also on the next level. Here’s why the Roborock Dyad will be your new favorite cleaning hack.

It’s cordless and one charge is enough for the whole house

In the history of vacuums, no person has enjoyed pulling the cord around the house and searching for outlets along the way. With the Roborock Dyad, you can break free from that teether thanks to a cordless, battery-powered design—without sacrificing the suction power. 

With one full charge, Roborock Dyad can tackle messes throughout up to 3,000 square feet of living space. After you’re done cleaning, Roborock keeps going: Just touch a button and Roborock Dyad will self-wash the rollers so that you’re ready to tackle the next mess.

It’s up to the challenge of cleaning all the messes

If your kids see family dinner time as an invitation to feed the floor, you can make quick work of clean-up—no matter what was on the menu for the night. By functioning as a mop and floor dryer as well as a vacuum, Roborock Dyad allows you to ditch the rest of the tools taking up space in your cleaning closet for one multipurpose solution.

Better yet, you can get the results of a deep clean in a fraction of the time. With more rollers than the average vacuum and edge-to-edge reach, you can run Roborock Dyad along the edge of the wall without missing a single crumb that was tossed from the high chair.

Less time cleaning is more time for family

Ultimately, cleaning is something that just has to get done.  But we all know there are better ways to spend your time, so the quicker and more effectively you can check this task off the to-do list, the sooner you can get back to making memories. (Or kicking your feet up. You deserve that, too!)

Right now, Roborock is celebrating its eighth anniversary with major discounts on products. So while it’s their celebration, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to give yourself the gift of an amazing cleaning hack.

Learn more about Roborock Dyad on the website and buy it for $329.99 and shop the anniversary sale for great deals.