It’s no wonder that kids form special connections with their favorite television and movie characters. Not only are these faces easily recognizable, but beloved characters also teach important life lessons and model great traits that really resonate with little ones. 

As parents, these characters and themes can be great conversation-starters with our kids about topics like kindness, creativity, helpfulness and more. The learning opportunities are endless—especially when you introduce new ways to engage with these positive role models. To help the lessons stick even more, Melissa & Doug is bringing your child’s favorite characters to life through imagination-sparking toys. Start the conversation with some engaging prompts to help your child think more about friendship, compassion and responsibility...

After watching Paw Patrol, ask your child what they would do to help a friend.

When playing with a Blue’s Clues & You! clean-up set, talk about how it’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of the house. 

When your child points out Skye or Chase, ask what you think these brave pups do when they feel scared.

So much more than playtime, these Paw Patrol and Blue's Clues & You!-themed toys from Melissa & Doug have the power to foster positive traits that is valuable throughout a lifetime—all without a tablet or TV in sight! Like everything in Melissa & Doug’s toy box, these new products are high-quality, sustainably created and intentionally designed to inspire play.

Here are 7 exciting new ways to enjoy screen-free play with characters from Paw Patrol and Blue’s Clues & You!

1. Paw Patrol Spy, Find & Rescue Set

Your child will jump right into action setting up rescue missions—and picking up some new problem-solving skills along the way—with this Paw Patrol Spy, Find & Rescue set for kids 3+. The perfect addition to your suitcase before hitting the road for a family vacation, this take-along case gives your kiddo everything they need to dream up some exciting stories.

2. Paw Patrol Build & Match Mission Cruiser

Rubble on the double with this wooden construction kit that will help develop your little one’s fine motor and cognitive skills. (Best for ages 3+!) With kid-friendly nails, screws, building boards and more that attach to the workbench, cruise and panels for the characters, your handy child will feel like part of the Paw Patrol team.

3. Blue’s Clues & You! Clean-Up Time Play Set

From a young age, kids want to help out around the house. Foster their sense of responsibility and boost their self-esteem with a cleaning set that is just their size. Featuring favorite faces from Blue’s Clues & You!, your child will work their motor skills, social skills and more while also learning how to dust, sweep and spray.

4. PAW Patrol 4-in-1 Magnetic Maze Board

Perfect for ages 4 to 7, your little one can race to the rescue through four PAW Patrol-themed mazes. This game is a great way to challenge fine motor skills, problem-solving skills and more. Plus, with no loose pieces, you can take it on the go for simple screen-free entertainment!

5. Blue’s Clues & You! Share with Blue Picnic Play Set

Your child doesn’t need to wait for a sunny day (or even lunchtime!) to host their very own picnic. The 36-piece set includes a cloth tote, blanket and variety of play food for the perfect picnic spread. The Blue’s Clues & You! hand puppets make for fun guests—who also foster your child’s social and emotional skills.

6. Blue’s Clues & You! Time for Glasses Play Set

Not only is this 12-piece set the perfect accessory for imaginative playtime, but it can also help ease your child’s anxiety about a visit to the eye doctor. By getting into the role of a nurturing optometrist, they will know more of what to expect—and will understand that eye doctors are there to help.

7. Paw Patrol See & Spell Pup Pad

The perfect screen-free learning activity for kids ages 4+, your child will enjoy matching letters to make 3- and 4-letter words inspired by Paw Patrol themes. When the study (and play) session is over, everything from the kit fits inside a compact wooden box for easy storage.

Take a closer look at these new products on Melissa & Doug’s website—and let the playtime commence!