Are bowls the new plates? Ask any restaurant insider, and they’ll say yes. From grain bowls to Buddha Bowls to acai bowls, from Sweetgreen to Chipotle, the bowl craze is big business in the food industry. Bowls are definitely having a moment, and now even your baby can get in on the trend. Plum Organics has made itself a leader of the pack when it comes to major baby food companies appealing to the desire of foodie parents. And their newest launch, Baby Bowls, does just that. The bowls are sleek, eco-friendly, and filled with organic and inventive flavor blends you won’t find in any other grocery store baby foods. A major departure from their category leading baby food pouches, Plum’s Baby Bowls encourage the use of a spoon, which helps little ones develop fine motor skills. Many moms love pouches because of the independence they provide: baby can do it alone, and mama can get a few minutes hands free. Instead, Plum’s Baby Bowls beckons you to spend time feeding your baby, making eye contact and intentionally strengthening your little one’s dexterity. No more mindless squeezing to suck the food out of the pouch. Baby Bowls are also a major win in terms of function. The wide mouth allows you to really get your spoon into the bowl, and the rounded bottom fits perfectly in your hand. What’s more, the lids click on tightly, so you can save what your baby doesn’t finish for later. There’s even a freshness marker to help you keep track of when you opened a bowl, because mama, you shouldn’t have to remember everything. The bowls, so out of the norm for the pouches and jars we normally see, are striking when you’re staring down the long aisle of baby food. The new look is eye-catching, and the flavor blends are eye-opening. Babies can eat quinoa? Turns out they can, and so much more. Inside Plum’s Baby Bowls are USDA Organic ingredients in unique flavor combinations that might have you thinking your baby eats better than you do. Blends like Pumpkin, Banana, Papaya, and Cardamom are way more exotic than what our parents used to feed us! On trend and forward thinking, this new line is even extra eco-conscious. By deviating from the old standard of glass baby food jars to plastic bowls, Plum Organics says it is leaving an even smaller footprint on Mother Nature. It’s hard to know if moms hooked on pouches will make the switch to bowls -- it can take a while for new baby food trends to take hold. But at one point, Plum’s baby food pouches were novel, even futuristic, and now they’re a mainstay in every mama’s diaper bag.