When you’re ready to start your baby registry, excitement can quickly give way to a sense of feeling overwhelmed. So many products! So many features to consider! Especially when you’re a new parent who hasn’t tested out too many bottles, strollers, bouncers and more in your pre-parenthood life, it can be hard to know where to start with your baby registry.

Worry not! Creating a baby registry can be one of the most fun tasks on your to-do list while you await your baby’s arrival. That’s why the best advice for an enjoyable (not overwhelming!) registry experience is to go straight to the experts. 

After all, would you rather spend hours comparing all of the (many) features on baby products? Or would you prefer to get pointed in the right direction for the products that are the best fit for your needs and budget? 

With registry experts on staff and decades of experience, buybuy BABY takes the guesswork out of searching for products and creating the perfect round-up for you. It’s as simple as booking a virtual consultation or visiting a store for support while you’re shopping. From there, buybuy BABY also makes it simple to keep your registry on track and help you curate perfect products with interactive checklists, registry collections based on your lifestyle, product guides and more.

That’s why registering with buybuy BABY will help you get off to your best start—both with your baby registry and overall parenting experience! Here are some other baby registry perks from buybuy BABY that you’ll be sure to appreciate…

With so many options, you can find the right products for you

Every expectant parent has different wants and needs when it comes to registry products. On top of that, every friend or family member who is shopping from the baby registry is bound to have a different budget. By having access to a wide selection of parents’ favorite brands and products across all different price points at buybuy BABY, you can create a baby registry that works for you and whoever is shopping your registry. Not to mention that buybuy BABY carries new and innovative products and brands you can’t find anywhere else. 

Another way that buybuy BABY makes shopping budget-friendly is with group-gifting. With that option, multiple people can contribute to the cost of bigger items. (So go ahead and register for that crib or nursery glider you have your eye on!)

Getting to see, touch and test-run products is a huge plus

We’re big fans of online shopping. However, when you’re searching for baby products for the first time, it is hugely helpful to be able to see them IRL. 

How easy is it to fold a stroller and can it fit in your trunk?

Can you strap on the baby carrier by yourself?

How heavy is the infant car seat?

These questions (and more!) are so much easier to answer when you actually get to put your hands on products instead of just looking at them over a screen. With buybuy BABY’s frictionless registry experience, you can build your registry in the stores, online or on the app—and those options make it easier for gift-givers, too. 

Better yet, if any gift you received from your registry doesn’t end up working out, buybuy BABY offers a generous 365-day return policy. That’s especially helpful for those products you’ll want to register for now, but won’t begin using until your baby gets older. (Pro tip: It’s smart to register for feeding supplies, even if your baby won’t start on solids until around 6 months!)

Amazing perks and discounts are like icing on the cake

For a good registry experience, it’s nice to have a wide variety of products and simple shopping options. For a truly great registry experience, perks and discounts take it to the next level. And, honestly, buybuy BABY has it all. 

With the easy-to-use app, you can create, track and add a huge assortment of products to your registry. (Rejoice, expectant mamas—that means you can shop while kicking your feet up on the couch!) Then, as the due date approaches, you can use the generous 15% discount to purchase everything remaining on your registry. Like all orders over $39 from buybuy BABY, you can get last-minute purchases delivered with free shipping. No doubt that friends and family purchasing from your registry will enjoy that perk, too. 

From start to finish, registering with buybuy BABY will help you confidently prepare for the next step: When your baby arrives and the fun really begins! 

Learn more about the buybuy BABY registry perks and start your registry today.