A dangerous, cancer-causing substance hidden in baby powder, and a scathing new report says maker Johnson & Johnson knew about it and did nothing. Plus, should we really force our kids to hug family members and loved ones when they don't want to? And one of our favorite movie stars making pumping breast milk look très chic. It's all right here in our Weekly Links!

1. During her latest photoshoot for the cover of Girl.Girl.Girl Magazine, Rachel McAdams snapped a picture while pumping AND dripping in Versace and diamonds! Who knew that the task of getting that liquid gold could be so glam?

2. If you're working on a nursery or redecorating your older kiddo's room, you have to check out Chasing Paper's new line of peel-and-stick vinyl wallpapers at Crate + Kids. They're so cute, and one of our favorite ways to liven up a room!

3. A new report from Reuters claims Johnson & Johnson knew they were selling baby powder laced with cancer-causing asbestos J&J was ordered to pay nearly $5 million to 22 families earlier this year because of asbestos in its baby powder.

4. Should we force our kids to hug relatives they don't want to hug? Just in time for holiday get-togethers, we are loving this article on the topic by Mother Mag, with some great suggestions for ways kids can say hi and bye to relatives other than hugging or kissing.

5. For the second time, Skip Hop has recalled its Tuo high chair. Head to Skip Hop's recall site and see if yours needs replaced

6. How should we raise boys? In light of this year's rampant sexual misconducts by some powerful men, reporters at the Washington Post are talking to boys, parents and experts across the country about what it's like to be a boy today. Read the "Being a Boy" series here!

7. What's up with your caregiver's holiday bonus? And have you ever wondered how much time off to give her or him during the end-of-the-year break? Here are some useful tips on how to treat your nanny right during the holidays.