Road-tripping with baby can be a stressful experience. With your little one a full row of seats away it's tough to know what's really happening back there. And you're expected to keep your eyes on the road (I know, right?!). It's enough to make you break into a sweat every time you get into the car. Evenflo's new ProComfort Symphony™ DLX All-in-One Car Seat is easing our minds. No, it doesn't come with an extra set of hands, but it is made with innovative gel-matrix cushioning that equalizes pressure points and reduces pressure-point build up, baby's going to be comfy-cozy whether you're making a quick run to Ikea or a long journey to Grandma's. For those of us in the city who spend our driving days in Zipcars and the like, you'll love Evenflo's LATCH installation for a super-fast, super-snug installation in less than 60 seconds. And since safety is non-negotiable, this seat is top-of-the-line, with e3 Side Impact™ Protection to significantly reduce the forces in side-impact crashes through advanced energy absorption and an expanded zone-of-protection. Plus it fits babies 5-110 lbs., so it's really the only car seat you'll ever need. Want to win one before you hit the road for the holidays? Yup, we thought so. Just enter below.