Other moms advised me on the efficiency of keeping a stroller in the back of your car, but no one warned me that strollers aren’t the most “user-friendly” mom tool. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve nearly broken my expensive, travel-system stroller trying to unfold it. And I can only imagine the number of people that have watched me struggle in parking lots, trying to remember which way the stroller unfolds and did I lift the little latch thing up? 

Enter: The Munchkin Sparrow Stroller

Munchkin sent me their new Sparrow Stroller, which is their ultra-compact stroller and, as the box says, it’s “ready to fly.” 

Does the stroller unfold easily?

The stroller comes in a box completely folded up into a perfect square. There’s even a picture on the box of how it’s folded in its actual size. It comes in a stroller bag (perfect for extra storage on your walks!) and, before I knew it, the umbrella stroller unfolded with one hand, without me having to read directions. 

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Does the stroller fold easily?

I will admit, this is where I did have to read some directions. Short answer: yes! It does require two sets of hands to fold back up. It folds back up into the perfect little square it was in, in the box. Because it folds into such a compact bundle, it does not take up much space at all in your car! I am used to removing my stroller when I have to run errands (not ideal when I have to take the bébé on said errands) just to create room in my trunk. This stroller will be my new go-to for errands and family adventures! It will be the stroller that stays in the car. 

Munchkin Sparrow Stroller features

The first thing I noticed about the Munchkin Sparrow stroller: the handles. Instead of a handlebar handle, the Munchkin Sparrow stroller has two vertical bars for you to rest your hands on. And, even better, the bars are adjustable! My husband and I are very different heights. It’s great that I can keep the stroller on the lower setting and he can raise the bars up when he’s driving the stroller. 

Also, it’s so light! Whether folded or unfolded, the stroller is so light and easy to manage. It’s never cumbersome, even when with a wiggly babe inside. It’s also rare for a stroller with a 5-point (fully adjustable) harness system to feel this light. 

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Speaking of light, the Munchkin Sparrow stroller has a little foldable shade flap. When you switch to an umbrella stroller, you typically are forced to forgo any kind of sun or rain protection. But this flap is available if the sun or rain is falling directly on baby’s head. And when you’re not using it, it acts as a comfy headrest for the baby.

But my favorite feature: There’s storage under the seat! Very rarely do umbrella strollers feature storage space at all. It’s one reason I’ve had a difficult time fully switching from my travel system stroller! It’s so nice to be able to store any necessities for adventures, so I don’t have to also carry around a big diaper bag. 

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munchkin sparrow stroller unfolded




With this new umbrella stroller, I’ve folded up my travel system stroller. I’m wondering if I’ll ever unfold it (which brings me a tinge of sadness–another baby item I no longer need!) or if the Sparrow will be my new, easy go-to. So far, I’ve not needed the travel system stroller.

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