Why is it when you take your baby to the library or the park no one bats an eye — but as soon as dad does it, the world stops to applaud? Oh, male privilege. That’s right. This week, we’re loving a story about just that, told by a babywearing, stay-at-home dad. It’s one of our Weekly Links. Read the rest below.

1. Babywearing dad goes to grocery and is praised for… taking his baby with him? What? What about all those times I’ve taken my baby to the grocery? Or the bank? Or the dry cleaner? Anyway, this guy gets it — he knows he gets treated differently (cough cough, like a unicorn) for being a stay-at-home dad and rather than basking in the glory, he’s making an effort to normalize it. Worth a read, even if you have to close the bathroom door for a few minutes. And for more LOLs, we dug up his personal parenting blog… you’re going to want to bookmark it.

2. We know, we know, you’re supposed to keep your baby in your bedroom for the first year. But how practical is having a nine-month-old as a roomie? This article dives into why one year is great, but it’s really those first four to six months you need to focus on. After that, well, maybe you can kick the little one out.

3. Recognizing depression in children and teens may actually be the easy part — it’s finding treatment that’s proving difficult. Back in February, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended screening children for depression yearly, starting at age 12. A big move that has left many parents with big questions: where do we get help, what about availability, are they in network, do they have after school hours? This piece shines an important light on what is often a hush-hush conversation.

4. Because we can’t be expected to come up with good ideas all the time. With spring and summer breaks coming up, we’re loving this list of fun, screen-free activities you can do with your kiddos.

5. This week, one of our favorite brands is launching new items. Zutanos has just released a line of muslin swaddles and blankets. We already love their baby booties and fleece pieces — can’t wait to grab a swaddle or three!

Image from the Chicago Tribune.