There is nothing like the feeling of your newborn baby on your bare chest. And there's nothing that compares to the benefit of skin-to-skin contact. Research shows that an uninterrupted hour of skin-to-skin, also called Kangaroo Care, provides tons of benefits for your baby, from soothing stress to regulating body temperature to even accelerating brain development. It's equally as helpful for mama; skin-to-skin can increase your milk production, reduce postpartum depression and promote psychological well-being.

While the America Academy of Pediatrics recommends frequent skin-to-skin contact throughout the postpartum period, it's not always so easy to get that quality skin-to-skin time once you leave the hospital. Which is where the NüRoo pocket comes in. This super-soft, breathable and moisture-wicking babywearing shirt allows you be skin-to-skin with baby without being stuck on the couch. The “cross-and-hug" closure gives you a customized (and compression!) fit, and a support belt offers a little extra love for your tired postpartum body. The pocket fits babies from pre-term--when Kangaroo Care is especially important--up to 45 lbs! Plus it's maternity and nursing-friendly. Why have you not ordered this shirt yet?

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