One of the perks of being an at-home mama is the potential

for all-day play. You may think that bitty babies can’t do much in the playtime

department, but there’s plenty of play to be had! Check out a few ideas below,

inspired by the Gymboree book 1001 Fun Ways to Play by Susan Elisabeth

Davis and Nancy Wilson Hall.

1. Mirror time

Even though baby may not recognize his own reflection until

he’s at least a year old, he loves to look at faces, and what better face to

gaze at than his own! You can also use mirror time to point out his eyes, ears,

nose, etc. and reiterate his and your name – “Look, there’s Mama!”

2. Human sound machine

Your beatboxing career never quite took off, but those mad

skillz can be employed to entertain your little one! Silly sounds make diaper

changes fly by and can also inspire baby to find her own voice. Imitate the

sounds of sirens outside your window, a dog barking, or even just blow

raspberries or whistle!

3. Mama of a thousand faces

Making silly faces is a fun way to make baby smile, as well

as introduce emotions. Combine this with peek-a-boo to create your own little

game – every time you pull your hands away, form a different emotion on your

face and say its name. “Happy!” with a big smile. “Sad,” with a big frown.

4. Get a head start on your baby’s six-pack

Get your baby beach ready with a daily abs workout! Kidding,

of course, but baby sit-ups are a fun little exercise to strengthen baby’s neck

muscles. After a diaper change or during playtime on the floor, place her on a

blanket, grab the top corners of the blanket (making sure her head and upper

body are fully supported), gently pull her up toward you, and then gently lower

her. Add some extra fun by making silly faces as she sits up and reward her

with a big kiss before gently lowering her.

5. Set up a floor gym

If you have a pre-packaged floor

gym, you’re probably already aware of the fun baby has looking at the toys

hanging overhead. If you don’t have a floor gym, or find yourself out and about

and looking to entertain baby, why not make your own! Lay down a blanket and

dangle a toy or two over baby’s head. Engage in playtime by shaking the toys,

crinkling them, or even making them talk or kiss baby!