Summer is here which may mean more outings with your kids, often times in places that are loud and teeming with people. While moms are generally known for having eyes in the back of their head, we can’t possibly see everything. Teaching our children how to safely enjoy outings is imperative, including teaching them techniques in case something goes awry, with the hope they’ll never actually have to employ them.

Chauvon Landry, a mom of 6 and motivational speaker, recently shared a viral child safety hack on TikTok that she teaches her children in the event they’re being kidnapped or they feel unsafe while they’re out and about. Some may say it’s a little unconventional, but most would agree that it’ll definitely get your attention at a busy playground. 

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In the video, Landry shares that she tells her kids not to just scream (since, let’s be honest, where there are kids there’s plenty of screaming going on already), but to scream out every curse word they can think of

I can’t speak for every parent out there, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’d probably end up with a little whiplash upon hearing a child’s voice rattling off expletives.

The comments section on the video was full of praise for the tactic, including plenty of parents mentioning that they teach their children to do the same—or will be after watching the video. Other commenters added their own hacks that they teach their kids including yelling “FIRE”, “not my mom” or “not my dad” repeatedly. 

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The very best sentiment from the comments section, though? That “mom mode” is activated regardless of whose child may be in trouble.

“If a child yells for mom in public and I don’t see a mom, I’m the mom now”

“bruh if I see this It don't matter I'm going mama bear I can't find the parent of that child I keep an eye on the kid(s) until their parent comes”

“If I heard a child scream, “I DON’T KNOW YOU” I would immediately go into momma bear mode. No matter the child. No matter where.”