No one decides to be a stay-at-home mom for the paycheck—but if we were to earn one, it would put us in league with some CEOs. Although it doesn’t do much for the bank account, a 2021 survey that calculated what the average salary would be for a stay-at-home mom is mighty validating. (Remember this next time anyone asks what you do all day.)

According to 2021 available data from, stay at home moms should earn upwards of $184,820 per year when you tally up their 106 hours of work per week.

That’s up $6,618 from the previous year’s calculations.

The total was determined after polling thousands of mamas on the tasks they devote time to—including everything from housekeeping to being an unofficial psychologist to, yes, being a family CEO.

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And it’s not just the regular stuff—like laundry and lawn mowing—that modern mamas are working hard at. It probably comes as no surprise that we’re diversifying our job responsibilities in some pretty impressive ways.

The other most time-consuming gigs according to include cooking (14 hours per week), driving (9 hours), childcare (40 hours) and those “miscellaneous” tasks that add up to 40 more hours.

Because every mama’s workload varies, also offers a way to plug in your own data to calculate what your SAHM paycheck would be based on how much time you spend as a de facto nutritionist, administrative assistant, academic advisor, etc.

Of course, the true payoff of motherhood is in watching our children grow, learn and laugh—experiences that are priceless. Still, it is nice to have this data to recall on those days when it seems like you got “nothing” done.

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A version of this post was published May 08, 2018. It has been updated.