Your body is growing and changing to accommodate baby, you're prepping for maternity leave and you're reading about how to be a breastfeeding boss. There are lots of ways for mama to connect with baby throughout her pregnancy.

But what about dad? He may be thinking, “When is this going to feel real?" And we think it's safe to say that once you set up your little one's room—it's a game changer. Their little clothes in the drawers, their stuffed teddy bear sitting on the glider, the diapers lining the changing all reminds you that yes, this is actually happening.

Nursery prep is the perfect way for dad to bond with the baby and be a huge help to you.

Here are 7 ways the papa-to-be can dive right into setting up the nursery.

1. Pick a theme or a color scheme.

Dad could start his own Pinterest board to gather ideas of things he likes for the nursery. Compare notes and together finalize a theme for the room or specific colors you want to use. Then he can go buy the paints and painting materials so you can start the transformation.

2. Consider wall-to-wall carpeting or an area rug.

Your little one is going to spend some time on the floor in their nursery. Whether you guys are playing with their toys or getting a quick diaper change, it's going to happen. Ask your husband to check out wall-to-wall carpeting and rug options so the nursery is a soft place for baby to spend time.

3. Put furniture together.

You'll most likely have some combination of a crib, a glider/rocker, a changing table, a dresser, a bookshelf, etc. Have dad grab his toolbox and start putting these pieces together! Remember, mamas shouldn't be lifting heavy things, so dads may be on their own for this one. You can do it! (And make sure you do it safely—remember to harness furniture to the wall.)

4. Set up changing table area.

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Once the changing table is put together, add all the necessary items to it—diapers, wipes, butt paste, onesies, a diaper pail, extra changing pad covers, hand sanitizer, etc. Preparation is key.

5. Set up the monitor.

Ask your husband to find a good, clear, safe space to set up your monitor. Your monitor will be a super-helpful gadget to use once baby is sleeping in her crib. It'll allow you two time to yourselves without having to worry about constantly checking on baby.

6. Wash the baby's clothes.

You probably have lots of new clothes for the baby. And now it's officially time to start getting them ready. Wash them in baby-safe detergent, then fold them and put them away in the drawers, and wait patiently for your chance to dress her in that amazingly cute little dress.

7. Take care of the little details.

There may be little additions that will make the nursery even more amazing for your child, like blackout curtains and a sound machine. These can truly do wonders for relaxation.

If you have a couple of rooms to choose from for the nursery, it's probably best to choose the room closest to yours. That way, it'll be easier to hear your little one and you won't have to trek too far.

Pro tip: Make sure you're following all safety protocol from the International Association for Child Safety.

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