When you are pregnant, you’re excited to see the first sign of a belly bulge. And for good reason — it’s a clear sign that there’s a cute little baby growing inside of you. Once you give birth, that postpartum belly pooch is likely to linger; and though it may not be as endearing, it’s all good and completely normal! This beautiful body of yours just birthed your new little babe, and while things don’t exactly feel as they once did, now is the time to celebrate it.

But while you wait for your uterus to go back to its normal size and, if you so choose, to work your way back to your pre-baby silhouette, dressing your newfound postpartum curves can be tricky business. So here are 5 techniques that will help you dress your postpartum pooch in style and confidence.

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1. Wear Dark Colors. Dark colors absorb light, minimizing shadows, which can then conceal the curves of your body and create an overall silhouette. Try and wear styles like this swing dress from Zara.

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2. Wear Print. Prints can also help conceal the details of your midsection by creating a distraction and highlighting your overall shape. A wrap style dress like this one from Diane von Furstenbergcompliments your postpartum shape, while the open front allows for easy breastfeeding.

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3. Keep Things Loose and Flowy. Pregnancy opened up the opportunity to play with tighter silhouettes to highlight the bump. But if you have a little leftover baby belly that you want to camouflage, you may want to hold off on form-fitting items that cling to your midsection. Try a cute spring style like this billowy option from Madewell.

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4. Embrace the mom jeans trend. They don’t call them “mom jeans” for nothing. High-waisted denim will be your best friend throughout these postpartum months and help keep your belly tucked in and secure. Try a style like these from Citizens of Humanity or if you want a more sensitive price for transition pieces, these from H&M. **note** if you’ve had a c-section, you may need to wait a bit longer to wear jeans.

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5. Live in jumpsuits and dresses. Jumpsuits and dresses will be your best friend, especially when the garments construction has minimal seams/lines. This jumpsuit from Ace & Jig is the perfect silhouette for your postpartum days, and the button front detailing provides easy boob access for nursing.