People usually visit when they are expecting a baby, but this week the site is reminding the world about all the mothers who never expected their babies to die at the hands of police or their fellow Americans. is among the growing chorus of companies demanding change and aligning with the Back Lives Matter movement. Visitors to the site are greeted by a black box listing the names of so many people who have died due to police violence and systemic racism.

"Each of these names was somebody's baby," the site reads.

In a statement posted to the website and social media the company explained " stands in solidarity with the Black community."

Jennifer Moss is the founder of and told HuffingtonPost she knew she had to use her platform to make a statement. "I saw the names listed on NPR, and they broke my heart. I knew then I wanted to include them in our company's statement," she said. "I am a parent, and it just came from my heart."

Moss says the public reaction to her support of Black Lives Matter has been 99% positive, and she hopes no one forgets the individuals these names represent. "My goal was to make people understand that they aren't just names," she said. "They are human beings and were loved."

Many people on Twitter and Facebook were shocked to see a baby name site making such a powerful statement, but mothers aren't. After all, when George Floyd called out for his mama, mothers everywhere answered.