Baby names can be as meaningful as your favorite poet or musician or as simple as “I just like the way it sounded,” and there’s no wrong answer. The cool thing with musician-inspired names is that some first and last names could double as your baby’s first name, like Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, or Johnny Cash, for example.

I remember the first time I heard the baby name my cousin had picked out for her newborn son: Abel. She said she wanted to name her child after her favorite musician. I spent minutes racking my brain trying to come up with Abel’s last name. Was he from the 80’s? Was he a pop singer? Is he in a band? Then, she goes, “You know, Abel, aka The Weeknd?” She went on to explain how helpful his music was during her pregnancy. I mean, her baby basically spent the first nine months of his life rocking out to The Weeknd. How cool is that?

There are so many talented musicians out there, but here’s a rough list to get your musical baby name wheels churning:

    1. Legend (John)
    2. Wolfgang (Mozart)
    3. Esperanza (Spalding)
    4. Sheeran (Ed)
    5. Cher
    6. Miles (Davis)
    7. Whitney (Houston)
    8. Libby (Larson)
    9. Cash (Johnny)
    10. Stevie (Wonder)
    11. Bruce (Springsteen)
    12. Bowie (David)
    13. Joni (Mitchell)
    14. Adele
    15. Ariana (Grande)
    16. Elton (John)
    17. Elvis (Presley)
    18. Bruno (Mars)
    19. Ludwig (Beethoven)
    20. Rihanna
    21. Parker (Charlie)
    22. Hendrix (Jimi)
    23. Aretha (Franklin)
    24. Van (Morrison)
    25. Madonna
    26. Freddie (Mercury)
    27. Lizzo
    28. Janis (Joplin)
    29. Halsey
    30. Mick (Jagger)
    31. Sia
    32. Marley (Bob)
    33. Cyndi (Lauper)
    34. Lionel (Richie)
    35. Abel (Tesfaye, AKA The Weeknd)