For some parents, selecting a name is the most exciting part of expecting a baby. Will your child have the same first name that’s been carried on through family generations? Or perhaps be named after your favorite scientist, or a name inspired by your favorite TV show?

All of these are splendid ideas; but just in case you need some extra inspiration, how about artist-inspired baby names? Painters, impressionists, sculptors, photographers; there are so many creative geniuses out there to pick from. Who knows, maybe you or your baby will own a piece of work by one of these artists in the future!

Get your sketch pad and paint brushes ready: here is a wide range list of beautiful, strong-willed baby names inspired by artists.

  1. Frida (Kahlo)
  2. Ansel (Adams)
  3. Rachel (Whiteread)
  4. Andy (Warhol)
  5. Walt (Disney)
  6. Norman (Rockwell)
  7. Cecilia (Beaux)
  8. Vincent (Van Gogh)
  9. Angelica (Kauffmann)
  10. Gordon (Parks)
  11. Leonardo (da Vinci)
  12. Jenny (Saville)
  13. Dorothea (Lange)
  14. Lorenzo (Ghiberti)
  15. Jane (LaFarge Hamill)
  16. Claude (Monet)
  17. Salvador (Dalí)
  18. Joseph (Barbera)
  19. Charles (Schulz)
  20. Lilla (Cabot Perry)
  21. Diego (Rivera)
  22. Pablo (Picasso)
  23. Michelle (Agins)
  24. Genesis (Tramaine)
  25. Frederic (Church)
  26. George (Segal)
  27. Kara (Walker)
  28. Lorna (Simpson)